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Erb & Roberts has been presented with the Gainesville City Beautification Award for landscaping of Mildred's Big City Food on West University Avenue City Beautification Award

We provide all of North Florida with beautiful sod. In business for over 45 years, we are THE SOD EXPERTS!

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Start with the soil that has made Florida famous. Plant only the best quality sod. Shower it with constant attention and the latest in agricultural technology. The result is top quality sod you can depend on.

Erb & Roberts, Inc. is committed to supplying only the best sod and they do it by paying attention to every detail. First, the ranch that supplies sod to Erb & Roberts spends more time and money simply preparing the soil. State-of-the-art laser levelers ensure a smooth, uniform field. Grass is planted at high densities for quick establishment in order to shut out any unwanted weeds.

A trained staff inspects the fields daily, strategically timing herbicide, fertilizer and insecticide. A stringent spot spraying program keeps unwanted Bermuda grass under control. Only after a field is fully mature and the sod well knit is it harvested. Each pallet is carefully cut, stacked and loaded to arrive clean, fresh and ready to thrive.

Nobody else takes as much care in supplying sod as Erb & Roberts or is more careful in making sure each pallet is attractive and marketable. Erb & Roberts' goal is simple: to provide the best quality sod the in Southeastern United States.

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